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Be Nice to Your Friends – If You Can Spot Them 29 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.48

Today’s message, bootstrappers, is to be nice to people who are nice to you.  Does that have a place in online business?  Well, yes it does.  For example, when you find a blog has said something nice about you, perhaps posted a link, get right in there and stumble, digg and twitter them.  Use all the social media to give them the recognition you think they deserve.  Boost their visitor numbers and that will in turn boost yours.

Of course, you can start the love-fest by saying nice things about them first.  The secret is to know the people who will make good friends, and that has nothing to do with how nice the people themselves are.  Some of the leading lights of many market sectors are great people who will willingly help others.  The problem is the big boys an girls won’t notice you amongst their many other true admirers and occasional sycophants.

Look for people whose work you admire and who are a little way ahead of you in your sector.  They are more likely to value your support and take the time to return the compliment.

Eight Tactics to Grab Your Visitors 17 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.41

You have a few seconds only to get a viewers attention before they click out of your page.  Construct your pages to grab and hold visitors’ attention.  Research by the Poynter Institute reveals what parts of the page and what items draw viewers eyes.  Although they warn against sticking too rigidly to formulas, their suggested tactics are:

1.  First seen is top left, followed by the top of the page

2.  People scan large fonts but read smaller ones

3.  The first few words of a blurb or heading are important, people won’t read further if their attention is not grabbed

4.  People do scroll down the page but are scanning for things that grab their attention

5.  Navigation panes across the top of the page work best

6.  Short paragraphs (perhaps only one sentence) and single columns work best for articles

7.  People generally do not look at ads 😦   But they are more likely to if:

  • They are in the top left of the page
  • They are near the page’s main content
  • They are large
  • They are in type

8.  The larger the image, the more time people spend looking at it

Take a look at your pages: do the stand up to scrutiny?

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Free website marketing and SEO tools 1 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.29

Website marketing using SEO is a powerful tool in bootstrap marketing.  If you can get your website ranked higher with search engines, you increase your traffic, and it’s all free.  There is lots to learn about SEO.  Some aspects are more technical than others, but the basics can be quickly learned and will improve your website’s performance.  To improve off-page SEO you can use articles and other link-building strategies for getting traffic and increasing ranking, or submit your site to directories like DMOZ, to name but a few.  To improve on-page SEO, use an SEO tool like RankQuest.  One of the many free website marketing SEO tools, like Website Grader from Hubspot, will give you a rapid report on how your website is performing.  But if you are really serious about SEO, turn to the professionals who offer inexpensive SEO packages for any size of business.

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Website analytics – a vital marketing tool 25 May 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.24

Do you really know how your website or blog is performing? Chances are if you are not using website analytics the answer is, No!  Website analytics packages are available free, they’re easy to set up, and – lets be clear – they are vital.  Find out how many visitors you get and from where, how long they stay and how they use your site – and much more.   Your website host quite possibly provides website analytics for you.  If not, or if you’re dissatisfied with what’s on offer, click into one of the many sites that offer the service.  Google analytics is ever popular.  For a simple package with most of the functions you will need try Statcounter.

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