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Be Nice to Your Friends – If You Can Spot Them 29 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.48

Today’s message, bootstrappers, is to be nice to people who are nice to you.  Does that have a place in online business?  Well, yes it does.  For example, when you find a blog has said something nice about you, perhaps posted a link, get right in there and stumble, digg and twitter them.  Use all the social media to give them the recognition you think they deserve.  Boost their visitor numbers and that will in turn boost yours.

Of course, you can start the love-fest by saying nice things about them first.  The secret is to know the people who will make good friends, and that has nothing to do with how nice the people themselves are.  Some of the leading lights of many market sectors are great people who will willingly help others.  The problem is the big boys an girls won’t notice you amongst their many other true admirers and occasional sycophants.

Look for people whose work you admire and who are a little way ahead of you in your sector.  They are more likely to value your support and take the time to return the compliment.

Understand Your Social Media Strategy 26 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No. 47

You may have a social media presence, but do you have a social media strategy?  When we interact with people in social media, or in any other marketing activity, we have broadly one of two aims: we either want a direct sale, or we want a delayed sale from an enhanced brand image.

Social media can deliver either of these, but not from the same message.  We can either encourage people to click a link which we hope we can convert to a sale, or we want them to think our product is so cool they will pass the message on to others.  Understand which you are looking for and you can start to track the impact you are having.

There are three things you can do to.  location3.com use the acronym MOM – Monitor what people are saying; Outreach to support positive comments and tackle negative; Measure the results.

If you are looking for direct sales you can simply measure the number of visitors referred from different social media sites, and look at your conversion rates.

If it’s indirect sales you’re after this is, as usual, more complex.  You can count followers and fans, follow the path of discussions across the Media, track positive to negative comments.  You can also set up ways to capture earned referrals – those who by your product as a result of hearing about it from someone else.

So, bootstrappers, know what it is you want from your social media strategy and it becomes easier to see what it is you should measure.

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Best Twitter marketing tips from Joel Comm 10 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.36

Still not got a presence on Twitter but want to use it for marketing?  Or are you in there but not quite sure of the best way to make it happen?  Research has shown that despite the growing hype about Twitter, many people who have an account don’t use it.  On the other hand, you probably get bombarded with followers and direct messagers who are not keen on building a relationship but just try to sell you something.   Joel Comm is the author of Twitter Power and a strong advocate of using Twitter to build relationships with potential customers.  Here’s Joel giving a brief rundown of his best Twitter marketing tips in an interview for Better TV.

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Twitter feed – things that make you go Tweet! 5 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.33

A list of some Twitter feed tools for you today.  Everybody wants to use Twitter, bootstrap marketers want to minimise the time involved and maximise the benefit.  These tools will help you do that, but they come with my health warning.  We all hate spam, we can all spot when someone is faking it, so use the tools with caution or you could end up with a poor reputation.  Use them to improve your interaction and networking, and all should be well.

Futuretweets – schedule your tweets

Tweetspinner – completely manage your Twitterlife

Tweetmeme – popular Twitter themes

Backtweet – search for URL references

Twiturly – track and rank references to URLs

Twibs – find businesses using Twitter, and some of their promotions

Twitterfeed – autosubmissions to Twitter, identi.ca, Hellotxt and Ping.fm

Grouptweet – get your own private network going

Cotweet – if your business wants to be into Twitter in a big way

Twitterthawk – real time scanning for tweets in your niche

Hootsuite – manage multiple profiles, scheduling and stats -and the prize for the cutest name!

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