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Link Bait – Catch Their Attention 19 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.43

The simple question to ask yourself is – why on earth would anyone link to my page?

And the answer is – if what you have is interesting and valuable enough, and they feel they won’t get it anywhere else.  That means thinking about not just your visitors, but also thinking about visitors to sites you want links from.  Tough, eh!  The concept of link baiting has been around for at least five  years but seems recently to have gained more attention.

The standard thinking says that link bait falls into: News, Contrary, Attack, Resource or Humour. A good starting point for ideas could be to look at your bookmark list to see what content makes you mark, share or link.

Here are some ideas.  If you have ideas you use, I’d be very glad to hear them.

  • Latest news in your niche
  • Lists (especially of links)
  • Special reports
  • How-to guides
  • History of, the story of …
  • Interviews
  • Contests
  • A controversial point of view
  • Scams exposed
  • Disagree with experts
  • Plug-ins, widgets or tools
  • Valuable giveaways
  • Visual humour

Found this useful?  Please mark it and share it ….

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Post your link bait ideas below.

20 Blogs for Marketers 15 June 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.40

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Bootstrap marketers should always read what other people are saying, whether they’re gurus, competitors or people in the know.  You need to follow trends and get the latest news, views and gadgets.  Here are 20 of my favourite blogs for marketers.  I’ve picked a variety: well known or just good; how-to guides or thought provoking.  Hope you enjoy them.  If you have your own suggestions, add a comment.

In no particular order:

SEOmoz Blog – Search Engine Marketing News – News, tips and highlights from the search marketing industry.

The social media blog by Mike Brito – Thoughts and tips on social media and more.

Seth’s blog – Thought-provoking comment from the excellent Seth Godin.

Hubspot’s Inbound Internet Marketing Blog – SEO, blogging, social media, landing pages, lead generation and analytics.

Futurelab’s Marketing Strategy and Information Blog – Advice and opinion from field leaders on a range of marketing topics.

Blog marketing strategies – Advice from Jack Humphrey.

Matt Cutts: Gadets, Google and SEO – Matt Cutts of Google on SEO and website improvement.  Advice straight from the horses mouth (sorry Matt!)

Make Money Online with Rosalind Gardner – Rosalind shows you how.

Sugarrae – never mess with a woman who can pull rank – Advice and lots of opinion from the inimitable Sugarrae, aka Rae Hoffman

The Official Google Blog – Latest info and gadgets.

The Social Media Marketing Blog – How to use social media in marketing with Scott Monty.

Business Blogging Optimization Strategies – Does what it says on the tin: a blog about blogging.

Guerilla Marketing Online – Jay Conrad Levinson, the originator of guerrilla marketing.

Web Ad.vantage Online Marketing – Background  information on online marketing from this consulting firm.

Online Internet Marketing Blog – Internet marketing, social media, mobile media and public relations.

Clickz – news and advice for the internet marketer – News from the big marketing world.

Court’s Internet Marketing School – Information for both beginners and the more experienced.

Internet Marketing Strategy at Winning the Web – Variety of news and tips.

Search Engine Marketing Tips – Varied news and tips on SEO.

Online Marketing for Marketers – Marketing tips from a wide range of contributers.

Is this a useful list?  Please mark it and share it ….

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Blog, Blog, Blog 1 March 2009

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Bootstrap Marketing Tip No.6

Everyone is blogging these days and you should too.  Content is still king and the search engines like blogs because their content is continually changing and should be unique.  Add a blog to your website, use one of the free blogging sites like Blogger or WordPress, or set up a separate URL just for your blog.  If you start with the free sites, you can export your blog later.  With WordPress you can also have searches for your blog redirected to your new URL.  Blogger will host your new URL for free if you want.  Use more than one blog to address different audiences within your  customers.  Add links to your main site and your own or affiliate selling pages.